The first European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1 2018

June 25-28, 2018, Uppsala Sweden

This conference series is intended to run every four years, two years after the International Congress on Photosynthesis Research. ePS-1 covered all aspects of photosynthesis, from genetics and molecular mechanisms, to crop yields, artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels. In addition, the ePS-Young meeting for PhD students and postdocs was run the weekend before the main meeting.  

For full details, please see the website.

The First Asia-Oceania International Congress on Photosynthesis

August 19-23, 2018 Beijing, China

This was the first conference in a series intended to run every four years, two years after the International Congress on Photosynthesis Research. All aspects of photosynthesis are covered.

For full details, please see the website.

13th Workshop on Cyanobacteria

June 6-9, 2019, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA

The upcoming 13th Workshop on Cyanobacteria will take place from June 6-9, 2019 on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus. The workshop is held every three years in North America, and includes all research involving cyanobacteria. Participation costs have been kept to a minimum, with registration fees for students and postdocs in the $350-450 range, and $475-575 range for faculty, depending on the choice of accommodation. Registration fees include all meals during the meeting, as well as on-campus lodging in the student dorms. Tentative sessions are: Biotechnology; Molecular Physiology; Interactions and Environment; Nitrogen Fixation; Photosynthesis and CO2; Physiology and Metabolism; plus poster sessions corresponding to each topic. Keynote speakers include Don Bryant (Penn State), Carl Johnson (Vanderbilt), Chen Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Paul Hudson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology). In keeping with the tradition of past Cyanobacterial Workshops, there will be an emphasis on student and postdoctoral presentations. Please check the 13th Cyanobacterial Workshop Website for the most up-to-date information:

For further details, please contact Jeff Cameron ( and Jianping Yu (

9th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts

June 17 to 19, 2019, in Boulder, CO, USA.

Early registration deadline: 5 April 2019.

The 9th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts (AlgalBBB 2019) will take place in Boulder (CO, USA) where we will continue to provide an exciting atmosphere to discuss the latest research and technologies and to interact with leaders in the field.

AlgalBBB places a major emphasis on the latest unpublished technical and scientific results, along with discussion and direct interactions with strategic partners, funding sponsors, and leaders in the field. The conference presents the work of the algae research community through a balanced set of oral presentations and posters selected from the best submissions to the conference. In addition, our list of key note and invited speakers includes funding agency sponsors, key industry players, and top scientists from the international community.

The conference will cover all areas of emerging technologies in all areas of algal research, including microalgae, macroalgae, and cyanobacteria: biology, biotechnology, biomass production, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, biorefinery, feedstock conversion into fuels, bioproducts, and econometrics and sustainability analyses.

For full details, please see website

10th International Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability Meeting

June 23 to 28, 2019, in St Petersburg, Russia.

Early bird registration deadline: 10 May 2019

Late registration deadline: 30 May 2019

We cordially invite you to the 10th International Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability Meeting (2019) in honor of Kimiyuki Satoh (Japan), Tingyun Kuang (China), Cesare Marchetti (Italy) and Anthony Larkum (Australia).

This Meeting will be a great occasion for discussions of previous, present, and future research on photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, from molecular to global, and will provide an exciting scientific program, which will cover the breadth and depth of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, and to meet researchers of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy from around the world. This meeting will provide a forum for students, postdoctoral fellows and scientists from different countries to deepen their knowledge and understanding, widen professional contact, to create new opportunities and establish new collaborations.

For full details, please see website

18th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology

July 7 to 12, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland.

Early registration and abstract submission for poster+oral presentations: 15 April 2019

Regular registration and poster submission: 20 May 2019

The Plant Membrane Biology Workshops started in the early 1970s with a primary focus on transmembrane ion transport in plants, soon becoming the premier international research conference in the field. Over the past three decades these meetings have grown to encompass all aspects of plant membrane biology, from protein structure and membrane traffic to salinity and ecophysiological aspects of membrane function in plants. IWPMB2019 will provide a unique opportunity for scientific discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers at all stages in their careers, and an excellent platform for postgraduate students entering the field of plant membrane biology.

For full details, please see website.

14th International Conference on Tetrapyrrole Photoreceptors in Photosynthetic Organisms

July 21 to 24, 2019, Sydney, Australia.

ICTPPO-2019 will be of interest to biochemists, biophysicists, spectroscopists, microbiologists, plant biologists and organic chemists who study tetrapyrroles and their diverse roles in photosynthesis, respiration, catalysis, and development in photosynthetic organisms. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to showcase your latest research, discoveries and new techniques and developments on tetrapyrrole photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms. Nine sessions will cover the structure and functions of tetrapyrrole-based systems in photosynthetic organisms (from prokaryotes to eukaryotes). We hope to create a platform for all of you to exchange research updates, discuss the challenges, promote collaborations, and also the opportunities for early- and middle-career researchers to build their connections and networks.

Early bird registration extended till 18th April

See the registration page for details or via the secure registration link

For full details, please see website.

Translational Photosynthesis Conference: Innovations in Agriculture for Food Security

June 30 to July 3, 2019, Brisbane, Australia.

The Translational Photosynthesis Conference: Innovations in Agriculture for Food Security will be held from June 30 to July 3, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. This conference is about developing linkages and dialogue between research scientists, the agricultural industry and associated technologies ranging from gene technology to robotics. The conference program will feature a mix of keynote speakers, presentations and poster displays, along with exhibits from industry and academic institutions..

For full details, please see website.

Photosynthesis Gordon Research Conference

July 21-26, 2019, Newry, ME, USA

The 2019 Photosynthesis Gordon Research Conference "From the Biophysics of Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis to Bioenergy Conversion" will be held at the Grand Summit Hotel at Sunday River in Newry ME, USA.

For full details, please see website.

The World Congress on Light and Life (17th Congress of the International Union of Photobiology and 18th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology)

August 25 to 30, 2019, Barcelona, Spain.

The World Congress on Light and Life (17th Congress of the International Union of Photobiology and 18th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology), which will be held in Barcelona (Spain) from the 25th to the 30th August 2019.

This first joint ESP-IUPB global congress on light and life will provide a comprehensive international forum for the dissemination of the most recent research and technological developments in the photobiological sciences and in photomedicine, and it will offer a unique opportunity for presentation of the latest breakthroughs, exchange of new ideas, and for establishing global and far-reaching collaborations.

The broadest possible coverage of the photobiological sciences will be achieved through 60 symposia featuring 540 presentations, 5 plenary and 18 keynote lectures, complemented by poster sessions and applied photobiology sessions.

For full details, please see website.

Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society 2019 conference and general assembly

August 28 to 30, 2019, in Umeå, Sweden.

Early bird registration until 25th of May 2019.

Please note that the maximum number of participants is 200, and there are some adventurous activities that only 100 persons can actively take part in, so hurry to sign up! But if you are a bit late, don't worry, we will take good care of all of our participants, just make sure you register before all the 200 places are filled!

For full details, please see website.

2018 ISPR Meetings:

Photosynthesis from Light to Life: An ISPR Meeting in Conjunction with Plant Biology 2018

July 14-20, 2018, Montreal, Canada

The ISPR specific component was from July 17 to July 20. The meeting was held in conjunction with ASPB.  

For full details, please see the website. 

ISPR Conference on Microbial Photosynthesis

August 9-12, 2018, Vancouver, Canada

This was a 3-day ISPR-sponsored conference focusing on single-celled phototrophs and photosynthetic mechanisms. Topics included mechanisms and regulation of fundamental processes (e.g. light harvesting, photosynthetic electron transport, carbon fixation), ecology and ecophysiology of phototrophic organisms in marine and extreme environments, evolution of photosynthetic mechanisms and (endo)symbiotic relationships, as well as new discoveries of organisms and processes. The symposium followed immediately after the ISPP (International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes), allowing attendees of that conference to stay for a few more days to discuss photosynthetic processes in their favourite organisms, but also encompassed microbial eukaryotic phototrophs.

For full details, please see the website.

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