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Welcome to the ISPR

The Society was founded August 22, 1995 by ratification of its Constitution at the 10th International Photosynthesis Congress in Montpellier, France. The purposes of ISPR are to:

  • Encourage the growth and to promote the development of photosynthesis as a pure and applied science
  • To facilitate publication of research in photosynthesis
  • To sponsor the organization of a quadrennial International Congress on Photosynthesis
  • To sponsor the organization of international regional conferences on Photosynthesis in the Americas, Asia and Europe between the quadrennial congresses
  • To promote international cooperation in photosynthesis research and education

Upcoming Meetings


1910, 2018

Meeting Announcements

ISPR will sponsor several meetings in 2018 between the Congresses in 2016 and 2020. One of these between Congress meetings will be coordinated with Plant Biology 18, the ASPB annual meeting being held jointly with the Canadian Society of [...]

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