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Chair:  Antonio Barrientos

Vice Chair: Andreas PM Weber

July 7-12, 2024, Bryant University, RI, USA

The Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts  “Energy-Transducing Organelles: Fundamental Processes and Translation in Agriculture and Medicine” will be held at the Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel, Avinguda de l’Hotel, Castelldefels, B, Spain.

The 2024 Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts will bring together established scientists and young researchers to present and discuss emerging aspects of organelle biology. Mitochondria and chloroplasts differ from other cellular compartments by their endosymbiotic origin, their semiautonomous genetic systems, their role in energy transduction, and their complex biology. The conference will have a strong focus on basic biological processes and an interdisciplinary nature that brings together scientists from the fungal, animal and plant communities. Specific sessions will be dedicated to organelle evolution, their gene expression systems, the import of proteins, their sorting and assembly into functioning complexes, organelle metabolism and their roles in respiration and photosynthesis, organelle quality control, their role in signaling and stress response, and how all these are being translated to agriculture and medicine.

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