ISPR PayPal Account Information


All funds generated by the ISPR website (i.e. membership fee’s, event registration fee’s, donations) are transferred directly into the ISPR PayPal merchant account. From here, PayPal automatically deposits any balance to the ISPR Wachovia bank account every 24 hours (sometime approx. midnight).

ISPR are configured to use the PayPal Website Payments Pro service. This differs gives a variety of benefits over the standard PayPal service including the automatic 24 hourly deposit (mentioned above) and the facility to allow the payment to be processed directly within the ISPR website – i.e. the website visitor is not taken off-site to make the payment.

The PayPal Payments Pro service has a monthly fee of $20 which is automatically taken from the Wachovia bank account.

The pages in this section give information and guidelines on how to access the ISPR PayPal account and how to use some of the more useful features of the account.

Please contact Lighthouse Support for any problems or questions regarding the ISPR PayPal account.

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