ISPR PRIZE WINNERS PS18 – New Zealand, 2022

Lifetime Achievement Award

(Conferring honorary lifetime membership of ISPR)

Prof  Eva-Mari Aro

University of Turku (Finland)
Awarded for her outstanding contribution to our understanding of the molecular mechanism of photosynthetic acclimation

Prof Govindjee

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
Awarded for his lifelong contribution to understand photosynthesis and in particular Photosystem II

Innovation Prize

(Award prize money from ISPR sustaining sponsor LI-COR Biosciences)

Prof Maureen Hanson
Cornell University (USA)


Prof Martin Parry
University of Lancaster (UK)

Awarded for their successful replacement of Rubisco in tobacco with the enzyme from Synechococcus elongatus

Melvin Calvin-Andrew Benson Award

(Award prize money from ISPR sustaining sponsor Springer)

Prof Martin Jonikas
Princeton University (USA)

Awarded for his outstanding work on pyrenoids

Robin Hill Award

(Award prize money from ISPR sustaining sponsor Springer)

Prof Michihiro Suga
Okayama University (Japan)

For his outstanding work on the structure of Photosystem II  and the mechanism of water oxidation

Poster Prizes

(Award sponsored by Agrisera)

Pierrick Bru    Absence of Lhcb6 partially prevents non-photochemical quenching qH to occur, Poster 38

Tanya Skinner  Tailoring E. coli expression system for the directed evolution of a golden Rubisco, Poster 101

Soichiro Seki  Carotenoid interconversion in LHCII of Codium fragile stimulated by blue-green irradiation, Poster 110

Afshan Begum  Elucidating the oligomerisation mechanism of Methanococcoides burtonii Rubisco (MbR), Poster 72

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