Organisation: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava

Start date: 2024

Job description: 

The Group of Biophysics, Department of Physics at the University of Ostrava, the Czech Republic (, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in the area of plant biophysics, biochemistry, and physiology related to the research of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The field of research covers specification of ROS induced damage at various environmental conditions as well as assessment of ROS involvement in successful plant acclimation to non-optimal/stress environmental condition (signalling, metabolism regulation etc.). An important focus of the research will be to investigate the processes involved in ROS scavenging and the reduction of oxidative stress in plant systems, with a special interest in low molecular weight protective metabolites. The team also aims to develop methods for the detection and quantification of ROS and ROS-induced damage in biological materials, which will be available for use by other teams involved in the LERCO project.

• A fully-funded postdoctoral position (LERCO funding for approximately 3years, possible prolongation)
• Be a part of newly-establishing research team (up to 6 members) within the Life & Environment Research Center Ostrava project; specifically participate to Research program 2 – Biochemical and biophysical methods – part Biophysics, Main Activity No. 2 (New methodical approaches for assessment of oxidative stress in biological systems;
• Access to modern equipment and technologies at the department (spectroscopy, chromatography, microscopy etc.) and also at collaborating labs within the LERCO project
• Attending international conferences, collaboration with other labs
• Opportunity to participate in teaching activities
• A friendly team, supportive environment and motivating salary

• A Ph.D. in biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, or similar areas, with at least
• Significant scientific performance in the fields of biophysics, experimental biology and plant physiology, molecular biology, or in the area of omics (with a focus on plants).
• Several publications in high-quality, internationally recognized scientific journals (D1, Q1) as the first or corresponding author (≥2); at least 5 publications in impact factor journals (in total)
• Specialisation in biochemistry, physiological effects, and the role of ROS in living systems, with a preferred focus on plant stress physiology in the context of global climate change (ROS formation, damage, and signalling, oxidative stress protection etc.) or related areas
• Practical knowledge of selected methods for the detection and qualitative and quantitative analysis of ROS, their interaction products with proteins/DNA/lipids, or other oxidative stress markers
• Good written and oral communication skills in English
• The ability to work independently and collaboratively

• Please, send a detailed CV and cover letter detailing research interests, and relevant expertise to Jakub Nezval
( and Vladimír Špunda (

Contact details: Email us about the position