October 5, 2018, University of California San Diego, La Jolla CA

The Feher Fest Symposium will be held to honor the memory and achievements of renowned scientist and photosynthesis researcher George Feher, who passed away on November 28, 2017. Feher was trained as a physicist and made important contributions to solid-state physics at Bell Laboratories where he developed the technique of electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR), widely used to study molecular structure. After moving to San Diego, Feher switched fields to biophysics and made pioneering discoveries in photosynthesis. His work was influential in the explosion of information that we now have on the molecular basis for the photosynthetic apparatus. The symposium will highlight some of Feher’s contributions but will focus on new developments in the research fields that he was passionate about. The sessions will discuss topics in; Bioenergetics and Photosynthesis, X-ray Crystal Structure Developments, EPR and ENDOR Spectroscopy, and Medical Biophysics. The keynote speaker is Daniel Nocera from Harvard University, who is a proponent of artificial photosynthesis. The symposium will be held on the University of California San Diego campus and be freely open to anyone who wishes to attend.