Chairs: Klaas J. Van Wijk and Marco Trujillo

Vice Chairs: Andreas Schaller and Marisa Otegui

August 6-11, 2023, Bryant University, RI, USA

The 2023 Inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Plant Proteolysis  “Integrating Our Understanding of Proteolysis in Plant Biology” will be held at Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, USA.

Understanding of chloroplast proteolysis has greatly increased over the last decade, e.g., regarding the role of FtsH, Lon, Deg and Clp proteases in chloroplast biogenesis and response to light stress. However, recent discoveries of chloroplast autophagy (chlorophagy), the role of ubiquitination and the proteasome in control of chloroplast protein import, as well as the discoveries of ATG-independent extra-plastid proteolysis (e.g., to degrade Rubisco) have shown that are our understanding of chloroplast protein turnover it just in its infancy. Proteolysis is therefore highly relevant and important in regulation of photosynthesis. Proteolysis appears to be particularly important to plants given the large number of genes devoted to proteolysis in plants (e.g., encoding ~1500 E3 ligases and over 500 proteases). The inaugural Gordon Research Conference on “Plant Proteolysis; Integrating Our Understanding of Proteolysis in Plant Biology”, to be held in Bryant University, Rhode Island (RI), USA from 6-11 Aug 2023 will bring together the rapidly growing international community of researchers focused on plant proteolysis.

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